Show Synopsis

27-year-old relationship expert, Chastity Peterson,  flirts with the idea of living a celibate lifestyle, inciting a tug-of-war between her raging hormones and a desire to land the man of her dreams.

There is a process into the sheets, and there is a process out... And Chastity Peterson is about to find out just how "hella hard" that process out really is... Does she have the will power to succeed? Tune in to find out... Get ready to be entertained!



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Candid Interview With Our Show Creator

🔥 "Choosing Chastity" Black Web Series - Creator/Producer/Director - Faizah Imani 🔥
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The Choosing Chastity Cast/Crew would like to say "THANKS!" and send a great big "GOD BLESS YOU!" to everyone who made contributions, financial or otherwise, towards "Choosing Chastity" Seasons 1 & 2.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid - 19 pandemic, we had to postpone all 2020 filming and production plans for the show. As soon as the pandemic subsides, we will safely resume production on Seasons 3 & 4.  If you would like to contribute in any way towards the upcoming Seasons, visit our "Go Fund Me" page @ https://www.choosingchastity.com.

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